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May 24th, 2008

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Hey - If you have been following along over here, please add


as your friend. It is my other account and one that actually has to do with more than TNT (since the Nashville event is over).

And on and on and on

And the story goes on...
Sometimes I really love my life, sometimes I am content and sometimes life sucks. I guess that is normal. Today is a good day so far. I have cleaned the kitchen and then I have been catching up on my wasting time at the computer time. It's great. The grass is still too long. I am thinking after lunch I will tackle that (after appropriate digestion, of course).

BTW - still drinking coffee from this morning. MMMMM.

David took Anna to fish in the river today - nothing brought back but a dry kid. And I got to be alone for a while. It is a strange living situation --- I know that emotionally I am handling it. I hope he is too. He has a lead (!?) on a job in Florida - I hope it comes through. He NEEDS a job. Instead of just being around here and drinking. He has been painting like a fiend. Kinda funny actually. The dog house is painted and Anna added special features. It says Lucy Silly Goosy - Go Dogs Woof Woof. I need to post a picture. Did I mention that Lucy is the most spoiled INDOOR dog ever???????? But hey, she has a fancy doghouse outdoors. Hee Hee. He fixed two doors. He is actually keeping busy. That is better than sitting in front of the TV. Next up - the porch window frames "need" painted. Hee Hee. Did I already say that? I just think it is funny. But he is doing the work and buying groceries and helping out with the kid, in exchange for room and board.

Anna lost her first tooth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a bottom one and she actually PULLED it out herself. When I was a kid, I could never pull out my teeth - they literally had to be hanging by a thread before I could stand it. Anyway, the rest of the story. She LOST her lost tooth. Then the tooth fairy came anyway (Santa had told her what happened) and she got a cool gold coin ($1) - Sackajawia(????) - the one that looks like Pocahontas. Anyway, she then LOST the money. So, the only thing we have as evidence is the gap in her teeth. As opposed to me - the packrat - she won't save anything - she will LOSE it all!!!

That is about it. I only worked out one day this week =-( = I have gained back 15 of the 25 pounds I lost. The new clothes don't fit. I am looking for motivation. It should be easier now, but I miss my TEAM. I need to go ahead and sign up for another event so I have a goal. I just can't figure out which one.

Well, leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing. I know it's been a while. Love to all.

April 13th, 2008


I only have thirteen days before the Country Music Marathon - going to see some old friends, remember a great friend, and run my ass off (really, jog/walk - and only 1/2 marathon). Since when did I start saying ONLY a 1/2 marathon.

So, I got up yesterday - was late for the GTS, but it had been storming and the skies were mostly clear. So, I went ahead and off to Milledge. I didn't have the route with me, but I was pretty clear on it. No one else was there, so off I went with my three packs of GU, and bottle of Gatorade Rain. Maybe that was the problem - the Rain I brought with me.

No crampling this time. I headed out - it was perfect weather. Not too cool - a little humid, but a nice breeze. I was actually enjoying the solitary time. I dropped my Gatorade off at what I thought was about 1/2 way - hoped it would be there when I got back. Not too many people on the road. Nice and peaceful with flowers and beautiful scenery. Got to the turn around point and it started to mist. Not bad. Actually, I was so sweaty that I didn't really notice. Because I was certainly sweaty. And a LONG way from the car. (six miles or so!).

Everytime I stopped to walk - I asked myself why I had stopped - so I jogged much more. I didn't have any good answers - though pain and out of breath were up there!!!! I got back to my Gatorade - still there!!!! YAY! I was awful thirsty. But it wasn't even sprinkling. Until I got about three feet away from my refreshing drink. Then, the skies opened up! I mean pouring rain. I had been out there about 2 1/2 hrs at that point, and I was pretty tired. No more worrying about stepping the wrong way...over puddles...I didn't care. I was soaked.

Anna's soccer coach and asked if I needed a ride - I said NO WAY! I am going to FINISH!! Not to mention I would have left a puddle in her seat, but it was nice of her to ask. Thankfully, that was the only person who stopped. It was a little nerve racking running on my own.

Nicely enough, the rain slowed to a drizzle - couldn't feel it at all. I was soaked. Shoes and all. Soaking wet. I got a little disoriented on the backstreets - didn't get lost though, just one street over. Down Milledge and back to the car - GOOD stretching.

One thing I find interesting - it started raining right at 2 hrs - I was just past the turn around part. I finished in 3 hrs and 10 min. Maybe it should rain in Nashville. It certainly sped up my time!!!

Yes, I know there are many of you that could have finished a whole marathon in 3 hrs. But I was DAMN proud of myself. I will admit that I have skipped a bunch of runs and have done no strength training. So, I have been getting more and more nervous. Now I FEEL GREAT!!! (except for my ass!!). Now I know I can do it - slow or not - I will have that medal around my neck!

And I have raised $2885!!!!!!!!!!! As TC keeps telling me, I AM a ROCKSTAR!!!!!

April 7th, 2008


Work....long, tiring. The last thing I wanted to do was exercise. But I put my gear on (I HAVE done this before and still not worked out), but I am getting SO nervous about the 1/2 marathon, I knew I had to do something.

So, I kinda split the difference. I didn’t make it 5-6 miles, but I did make it 4.25 in an hour. I just can’t get away from the 15 min mile. But it felt good to jog again. And now that I have FINALLY read up on it, I am doing much better with my running form. Who knew I even had one?

Anyway, back to work tomorrow. Then back to the YMCA to another 4 miles or so.

April 6th, 2008

Well, being lazy gets me again. I posted the same email in the runner community - turns out that asking for money was NOT the thing to do. Not that I expected to get any donations. I just wanted to let anyone know who was tracking me that yes, I am still here, and I am almost at the date of the 1/2 marathon. 19 days (or 18 really). I am terribly nervous and I don't feel ready. I KNOW I can do it. Even if I walk the whole thing, I can do it. But I don't want to walk it. I want to jog it. The whole thing. I KNOW it will never happen. I can jog a couple miles at a time - but not the whole thing. I missed the 12 mile Group Training Run this am (literally setting the alarm clock wrong - wonder if that was really subconscious). The longest I have gone is 10 miles - and I have done that twice. Both times, it took me right at 2 1/2 hrs. So, even with the 4 hr limit - I know I can do it. This is going to be my schedule this week:
Mon - 5-6 miles
Tues - 3-4 miles
Wed - off (Anna has soccer)
Thurs - 5-6 miles
Fri - off
Sat - Group Training Session (10 miles, but might up it to 12)
Sun - off.

There...it is written down. I HAVE TO DO IT! Right? And maybe go buy an inspirational running book. Good idea.

I'll let you know how it goes.
(Oh yeah, and work at least a 40 hr week and take care of a 5 year old. Piece of cake!)

April 5th, 2008

April 26th, HERE I COME!!!

So, if you have been following my progress, you may feel some pride at the fact that I have reached my financial goal for my 1/2 marathon. I am, but yet still feel compelled to raise more money/run more miles.

There is so much good that this money can do! LLS is an amazing resource for patients and families having to deal with blood cancers. They do not discriminate - all ages, all races, all people are at risk - until there is a known cause and CURES!!!! These are 100% tax deductible donations.

So, I have TWENTY days until I run my 1/2 marathon (YES...13.1 MILES). I have been working on my end. This is my last plea -- if you can spare even $1 - it adds up quick.


PLEASE use it!!!!!!!!! Let's see how much I can raise in the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!

My blogs are at my LiveJournal or Myspace. I will post the links.

http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&Mytoken=626B23AC-5C88-4508- AA80A9FD06F6E96562136774


For my heroes: HAL, OLIVIA, STEPHEN, LINDA and for all the others out there

I am sadly adding two names to this list - Rusty and Chris!!! I love you both and fight hard!!!!

Love to all - Thanks to those have donated!!!!

Karen Marie

PS - How about you forward this on to EVERYONE in your mailbox! I have no doubt they have been touched by someone with Leukemia/Lymphoma/or another blood cancer. And when you stop to think...how SAD is that???????

March 25th, 2008

After a busy and somewhat stressful weekend, I have not been motivated to exercise. My co-worker THANKFULLY reminded me of how hard it was to get back into it after taking a week off. So, I only jogged about 3.5 miles, but HILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my new shoes last week - my feet are killing me. Now I know why they said to get them early. They definately need broken in. Had a great jog though (other than that). It is nice having Dave home so that I am not playing single parent. Still seperate rooms and taking it day by day. All I can do right now.

Work is bizarre - suddenly my boss wants to be my best friend again. GRAIN OF SALT! But, I still have a job and she may actually believe that I want to work there (instead of thinking I am lying about it!!!).

Going to bed now. Feet hurt. Legs tired and my eyelids are very heavy!

Hopefully I will update tomorrow. Hope everyone is great!

March 17th, 2008

I hit my fundraising goal today, and even exceeded it by a little - I still have some doctors to pester, so it looks like I will definately be over my goal.

To all who donated, THANKS - not just from me, but from all of my Heroes (In Honor and In Memory). I accomplished a goal today, but they are still fighting.

To all who couldn’t, there is still time left - no need to stop begging now. Even $1 will help.

Love to you all!!


March 16th, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 hours and 34 minutes and I went 10 miles. NOT all jogging, but quite a bit of jogging. Yes, the hills were as bad as I was thinking they would be. My ass is killing me. Going up Lumpkin after doing about 7-8 miles - it seemed to be neverending. I wound up doing this weird walk/jog thing. There is something called Chi Running - landing your feet flat instead of heel to toe. I think it works better for me - puts more of the work on thighs and gluts. And more of the work SHOULD be on the bigger muscles.

One thing I do know, I need to step up the training. I am taking tomorrow off exercise (unless you count walking the halls exercise) IF i can walk!!! Then, instead of the 2-3 miles I have been doing on the treadmill, I need to be doing 5-6. I am not worried about time - with 15 min miles, I won’t win any awards, but I will finish in the 4 hour time limit.

Off to bed. Soon. I need to get up and take some Benadryl for the sore throat. AND drink more water. I hope the number on the scale goes down tomorrow!!!!!!!! I will let you know.

New shoes this week - I have to have them. My toenail is bruised because I added a gel insert for more padding. I don’t want to lose my toenails. AND I need to break them in before the BIG day!!


We have a group training session today - at 3 pm. TEN MILES!!! There is one really bad thing about living in the same place for so long (I have been in the Athens area for 21 years now - ACK!), when you hear certain street names, you shudder. As I have been training, I have noticed more and more where the "BIG" hills are. Yep, Gran Ellen/Lumpkin, We do them both today. And not even downhill on the way back. Down one, up one, down one, up one. Ahhhhhhhh. Pretty flat other than those killers, though. I am terribly nervous. The 1/2 Marathon is getting closer and closer. I need new shoes. BADLY!! I think this is the last long run I can get out of my first pair of "real" running shoes. They have done so well, I am just going to get another pair of the same. Cathy gave me a gift certificate to Bulldog Sporting Goods - which I can’t find!!! If anyone knows where it could be, let me know. Somehow, all the Chuck E Cheese coupons and giftcards don’t get lost! NOT FAIR! I will try to update after the run. I wouldn’t count on it. But I will update over the next couple of days. Wish me luck!!!
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